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Tower Farm HOME (Residential Series for Home and Office )by Tower Garden® is the only Aeroponic system which can be used outdoors or indoors (patented technology in the USA).
Ideal for in-door gardening, backyard gardening, balconies, terraces, patios, rooftops, cafeterias, schools etc.

Tower Farm HOME also thrives indoors with the help of its newly redesigned energy-saving LED grow light kit.

It is the perfect solution for homes and offices: no soil, no weeding, no bending over, no kneeling, no tilling, no daily watering and no getting dirty!

Tower Farm HOME is the ultimate space-saving gardening solution as it fits in less than 1 m² (approximately 10 ft.²).

Grow vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers effortlessly and 100% chemical free!


Hassel Free Experience

No gardening experience is necessary: with these fully automated aeroponic towers, everyone has a green thumb! It is so easy to use: just plant the seedling in the tower and watch it grow!

A Tower Farm HOME from Beyond Organic comes fully ready to use (unlike those cheap knock-offs which only sell you cheaply made towers on their own). We include the tower itself, lights, growing-medium, pump, hoses, pre-programmed pump timers, light timers, PH Test Kit, a generous supply of Tower Tonic® (our proprietary 100% natural earth-based mineral plant food formula), and we even include a set of extremely high-quality Organic starting seeds, which imported from Johnny Seeds, one of the best sources for seeds on the planet!

Food Machine

A Tower Farm HOME requires 90% less water while delivering up to 65% nutrient–density–increase in comparison to conventional organic produce grown in the soil!

Whether aiming to inspire children at home or in schools, or making a healthy eco-statement at work, Tower Garden is truly a “food machine”: expect bountiful harvests!

Tower Farm HOME can grow up to 32 plants at the same time.

Grow support cages (for heavier crops such as cucumbers or melons) & Tower Extension kits can also be purchased separately.


Frequently Asked Questions

A: About the Technology

A1. What is "Tower Farms?"

Tower Farms are a cutting-edge patented American agricultural technology that merges two methods of farming; Vertical Farming and “Aeroponics”.

Vertical Farming is when crops are stacked on top of each other instead of being laid in a horizontal fashion, and “Aeroponics” is a soilless method of farming where the roots of the plants are actually hanging in the air 24/7.

Our Tower Farm technology is made by Tower Farms / Tower Garden USA, the originators of the technology.

A2. What is the difference between the Residential Series towers and the Professional Series towers?

The Residential Series towers can accommodate up to 32 plants while the Professional Series towers are modular in size and can be used to grow up to 52/196 plants based on tower type.

Since the Professional Series tower is taller, its pump is slightly more powerful than the one used for the Residential Series, in addition to some big changes in the irrigation system to handle large quantities of towers.

There is a minimum order of 6 towers for Professional Series towers. There is no minimum for the Residential Series towers.

In spite of their differences in size, the component used for the tower itself (referring to the white planting pots) are the same for the Professional Series and the Residential Series. Also, the same nutrients are used for the Professional Series and Residential Series. In other terms, whether using a total Professional Series or the smaller Residential Series, you can obtain the same results in terms of quality, however, Professional Towers generate much stronger yields due to their larger sizes.

Check out the brochures here.

Find more details on the Professional Series here.

A3. What is the tower made from?

Tower Garden is made from the safest high-end UV-stabilized, BPA-free, food-grade plastic. The high-quality resins used by Tower Garden are compliant with both U.S. Food and Drug Administration guidelines for food contact and European guidelines for Restriction of Hazardous Substances.

Our resin material is also completely opaque — it keeps out light, greatly reducing algae growth (unlike most cheap knock-offs on the market). This keeps your plants happier and gives your Tower Garden a longer life.

A4. What is the fertilizer used?

We use a Tower Garden® proprietary nutrient ionic mineral solution by the name of ‘Tower Tonic®’.

Tower Tonic® is the most unique all-natural mineral-based nutrient solution ever formulated. In fact, contrary to conventional hydroponic farming where a different nutrient mixture is needed for each crop, Tower Tonic® can be used for all vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers which can be grown on Tower Garden® towers.

It is 100% natural with zero chemicals, made from the purest earth minerals that are required for the healthiest plant growth possible.

Whether minerals are created through natural organic mineralization (decaying process of animal and plant waste in soil to get the non-organic minerals), or obtained from mining the earth, as long as they are free from man-made harmful chemicals, it is exactly the same for the plants, there is no difference.

Ammoniacal Nitrogen vs. Nitrate Nitrogen

Ammoniacal Nitrogen is used in commercial farming to create an ‘explosive growth effect’. Although it does a great job in terms of forcing nature to grow bigger and faster, it weakens the cell structure of the plants. This makes them more prone to pests & diseases while  producing an inferior crop in terms of nutrient values and flavor qualities. This is why instead of using ammoniacal nitrogen, we use nitrate nitrogen which is the purest and most effective way to produce a healthy crop featuring high nutritional qualities.

Derived from: Potassium Nitrate, Potassium Sulfate, Magnesium Sulfate, Boric Acid, Copper Sulfate, Manganese Sulfate, Sodium Molybdate, Zinc Sulfate, Phosphoric Acid, Calcium Nitrate, and Iron Sodium EDTA.

A5. How does irrigation work in the Tower?

The tower has water channels built-in. A submersible pump at the bottom of the reservoir pumps water (which is mixed with the minerals) through the water channels to the very top of the tower, and then via the use of specially positioned drilled holes, water falls onto the roots of the plants much like a shower, irrigating them.

Once the cycle ends, all excess water goes back down to the reservoir to be used in the next irrigation cycle.

How irrigation in tower farms and tower garden works

A6. What I can plant in Tower Farms?

You can plant over 150 different types of plants, please check them out here.

A7. How much plants does the Tower Give? And how do I Harvest?

The tower carries 32 plants, and there 2 main methods of harvesting. Depending on the method you use, the output of the tower differs:

Method 1 - Cut-Harvest (recommended): In this method we only cut the big outside leaves, and keep 3-4 small leaves on the plant, which will encourage the plant to regrow again. You can harvest 3-5 times from a single plant using this method until the it stops regrowing.

Method 2 - Root-Harvest: We use this method when its time to clean the tower and plant new types of plants. Once the plant is mature, you simply pull the entire plant out of the tower with its roots.

For fruiting plants like strawberries, peppers, eggplants, etc, once they start fruiting, they will keep giving fruits for around 2 - 4 months on average. It recommended that you trim some of the big leaves once fruiting starts so that it encourages the plant to fruit more.

B: About The Tower

B1. How long does it take for Beyond Organic to deliver my order of Tower Farm HOME?

Beyond Organic will process an order within 24 Business Hours, and then the delivery will be made in 5 Business Days. The client will be contacted via WhatsApp to schedule the visit.


B2. When I order a tower, what is included inside the box?

Unlike all the knock-offs on the market, when ordering your Tower Farm HOME from Beyond Organic, it comes as a fully inclusive kit allowing you to start Tower Gardening upon reception of your tower! The following items are included:

1x Tower Farm HOME (4 Standard Pots (4 plants each), 2 Micro Pots (8 plants each), Base Plate, Water Reservoir, Wheels, Float, Shower Cap, Top Cover, Reservoir Cover, and Metal Hardware).
1x Tower Tonic A (1L).
1x Tower Tonic B (1L).
1x Net Pot Set (40 pcs).
1x Seedling Kit (Rock Wool Coir Growing Medium, Vermiculite Bag (x1), Small Box for Seedlings x2).
1x Starting Seeds Set (Includes 3 different verities of Organic, high-quality seeds imported from Johnny's Seeds, USA, one of the best seed sources on the planet).
1x Submersible Pump and hoses.
1x Pre-Programmed Pump Irrigation Timer.
1x PH Test Kit.
1x Graduated Cup.
1x Full Spectrum LED Grow-Light Kit with Built-In Timer (4 light strips).

B3. How long will my initial supply of nutrients last?

A single set of nutrients will last roughly 6 Months on average.

B4. How many plants can I grow in a Tower Farm HOME?

You can grow up to 32 plants in the residential model.

While it may be possible to increase the number of pots to increase the number of plants, it is not recommended, as the lights then will become too short to cover the entire tower.

B5. What are the dimensions of the Tower Farm HOME?

Height: 148cm without lights, with lights: around 165cm.

Width: 57cm

Height of 1 Pot: 19cm

Height of Reservoir: 50cm


B6. Do you offer any maintenance programs to help me with my tower?

Of course! It is crucial for us that all our clients fully utilize their tower to the fullest.

Beyond Organic's "Green Thumb" Program is designed to give Tower Farm owners peace of mind when it comes to operating the Tower. In this program the client will have the following:-

1. Free install of the Tower upon delivery.

2. 10% discount on consumables (Coir, Tower Tonic Solution, Vermiculite, etc...)

3. 10% discount on spare parts.

4. Two Follow up visits per month, where the Install Advisor will check water PH levels, Plant health, Operations of components, and do some of the planting process (One visit every Two weeks).

We also offer the Green Thumb PLUS Program, in which you get all the benefits of the standard program, in addition to us covering all your Tower's consumable needs throughout the term!

B7. How much does it cost? And where can I buy my own?

Please check our shop here!

"Too expensive!"? Please check Question C1 below to get a better idea of why the towers are priced the way they are.

B8. Where can I see a functioning model before purchasing?

Please contact us via email or WhatsApp, and we will be more than happy to assist you in seeing a showcase model.

c: Other Common Questions

C1. "Why are your Towers priced liked this?!"

While it may appear that the Towers are very expensive at first, there are numerous reasons as to why they are priced the way they are.

Our prices are higher than those found in the United States due to all the mandatory procedures that we have to go through in order to import such products into Kuwait.

The Towers have a cost price of 350 KWD in the USA, but once we add shipping alone the cost goes up to 450/500 KWD due to the size and weight of the packages.

On top of that, due to regulations, we cannot ship the mineral solution in liquid form outside the USA, so it has to be shipped in a large 5 gallon powder format, which not only weighs a lot, but also requires a plethora of approvals to pass customs.

The same applies to our Organic Starter Seeds included in the package, which are sourced from Johnny's Seeds USA, one of the best seed sources on the planet. Those also require their own separate procedure for clearance.

Not to mention we also provide every client with a full set of supporting documentation curated form the best Tower Farm & Tower Garden informational resources to ensure they get the absolute maximum out of their tower.

When you add all of that, the price of our product will start to make a lot of sense, but wait! there is more!

On top of all the above, we also offer a free 6 month "Green Thumb Program", which will give you full peace of mind and ensure that you utilize your tower to the fullest potential. Please check Question B6 in this FAQ for more details about this program.

C2. Why "Beyond Organic"?

The inspiration behind our name, Beyond Organic, was from a research conducted on the resulting crops of Tower Farms, where they were compared to traditionally grown Organic crops.

It was irrefutably proven throughout this extensive scientific comparative research, Tower Garden® Aeroponic commercial systems produce 35% to 50% crop yield increase in comparison to soil-based farming and conventional hydroponics.

“Assessment of Total Phenolic and Flavonoid Content, Antioxidant Properties, & Yield of Aeroponically and Conventionally Grown Leafy Vegetables and Fruit Crops. A Comparative study”.

C3. Do we offer special discounts?

We at Beyond Organic enjoy doing some playful discounts from time to time, especially for certain events or holidays, so always keep an eye on our special offers!

Keep an eye on our Instagram account to stay up to date with special discounts and offers!

C4. Can I make a small home-farm on my rooftop?

Yes! If you have the space, we have a great solution for rooftops.

Please check Question C2 here to get more details.

C5. Do you have any catalogues?

Of course! Please visit our document library here.

More Questions? Contact Us!