"The Ultimate Tool to a Sustainable Future"

Your Own Little Farm-Pet at Home,80% Space Savings, 92% Water Savings, Plant Anything Regardless of Season, No Chemicals or Pesticides ,No Previous Experience Required, Scientifically Proven Beyond Organic

Tower Farms by Tower Garden USA

The Technology

Bring The Healthiest Change in Your Life With Tower Farms

Tower Farms are a cutting-edge patented American agricultural technology that merges two methods of farming; Vertical Farming and “Aeroponics”. Vertical Farming is when crops are stacked on top of each other instead of being laid in a horizontal fashion, and “Aeroponics” is a soilless method of farming where the roots of the plants are actually hanging in the air 24/7.

Our Tower Farm technology is made by Tower Farms / Tower Garden USA, the originators of the technology.


More Than Meets the Eye

Beyond Organic Crops from Tower Farms and Tower Garden

More Nutritious

Proven through a USDA Scientific Comparative Study with Soil Grown Organic Crops

Water Savings from Tower Farms and Tower Garden

Major Water Savings

Consumes 92% less water compared to traditional soil farming

No pesticides or chemicals in Tower Farms and Tower Garden

Zero Pesticides

Greens generated are 100% free of chemical pesticides, no washing needed, and no pests


Grow locally anytime with Tower Farms and Tower Garden

Locally Grown

Grow almost all types of crops locally regardless of season or climate conditions


8x The Gains

Saves 80% of space compared to soil farming, and generates up to 800% more annual yield

The Power

With the use of a Fully Automated and Climate Controlled Greenhouse, Tower Farms require very little labor when compared to traditional farming, as a single person can run a full 700Sqm Greenhouse (15,000+ Plants) all on his own, and with the exceptional volume of the super-fast yield, and the lack of any chemicals or pesticides, Tower Farms are genuinely  the ultimate Farming Machine.”

Tower Farm Greenhouse in Kuwait

Tower Farms for Education - Growing the Minds of our Youth

Tower Farms for Schools

Hands On Experience

Students can have proper hands-on learning with a modern agricultural technology, widening their vision of on farming

Tower Farms for Schools

Great Convenience

Bring the garden inside the classroom, completely hassle free and convenient, no need to waste precious time and go to the backyard!

Tower Farms for Schools

Farm All Year Round

Students can farm and maintain their plants all year round, making them much more in tune with the environment around them

Tower Farms for Schools

Educational Curriculum

Very handy educational curriculum by Tower Garden USA is provided to the school by Beyond Organic to capitalize on Tower Farm educational benefits

Tower Farms for Schools

Health & Self-Accomplishment

Through farming their own food, students will experience a great sense of self-accomplishment, and that will aid them in guiding a much heathier lifestyle as they grow

Our Systems

Commercial Tower Farms

Professional Series

“Any Plant, Any Season, 8x the Gains”

Tower Garden for Homes

Residential Series

“Farm Anywhere, Anytime”